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Being a freelance artist/illustrator I usually work for company projects, but it doesn't stop there. I can also offer a most special product for regular clients: a personalized illustration of you, someone you like a lot, or both.

What do I get?
A fully personalized and detailed artwork, there's two options.
1 - the digital file of the artwork. You can print it anywhere and on anything you prefer, and in the size you want.
2 - All of the the first, including a printed version. (A3 size 30x42cm, 270 gram metapaper, printed with quality offset machine, done by a local professional printing company).

How does it work?
I would need a picture of the person to draw and small description of what you have in mind. (f.e. favorite colors, a title, a situation to draw or anything else you like to see in your artwork)

Once I have that, I'll start;
1) Draw the first sketch.
2) Detail the sketch with colors
3) Complete your artwork.

After each step you have the option to make some corrections (free of charge). After about a week your personalized artwork is done and will be emailed to you, and if you choose the printed option it will be shipped to you too, within a week after that. (free shipping)

What can I use it for?
The artwork is yours to keep for personal use. The official copyright stays on my side, and that's to avoid that the artwork will be sold to or used by third parties. Since most commissions are private, I will not share it publicly (without your permission) or use it for my own sales etc.

note: The illustrations you see here on the left/top are my own works, to give an example of style and color. If you like to have someone riding a bicycle, or being on a holiday or eating spaghetti, or all 3 together, then that's all possible.

As soon as you made the payment then please send the picture and other info to hi@itchi5.com including the name you used in the payment options, so I know the order is from you. Or if you have any questions feel free to contact through the contact form or directly at the same email. In both case I'll reply asap.